Monday, August 6, 2007

All about Hamleto

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The comic

Hamleto The Hamster is a funny comic strip about the daily adventures of a sarcastic and cheeky hamster called Hamleto, of his young and naive owner Alice and all their friends.

The story begins when Alice, a little girl always ready to believe in everything, watches a cartoon on TV showing the extraordinary exploits of a band of nice hamsters.
Taking for granted that everything she sees on TV is real, Alice decides to buy a hamster and call him Hamleto, just like the main character of the cartoon.

This comic is dedicated to anyone who had, has or will have a hamster one day.
And to all the people who, like me, love those little, troublesome yet cute furry balls.

The characters

Hamleto (Hamlet) is Alice's hamster.
He's self-centered and sarcastic and he loves enjoying life.
He's fond of playing jokes on his friends, rock music (especially Elvis Presley) and he's got a certain spirit for adventure.

Hamleto is a short haired syrian hamster.
Orazio (Horatio) is Elisa's hamster.
He's sensible, reserved and patient.
He longs for a peaceful life and for this reason he prefers to avoid conflicts when possible.

Orazio is a long haired syrian hamster.
Laerte (Laertes) is Alice's second hamster.
He's generous, optimistic and always enthusiastic.
He firmly believes in good feelings and in friendship. He enjoys company (even when he's not appreciated) and he shows himself expansive towards everybody.

Laerte is a winter white russian hamster.
Ofelia (Ophelia) is Hamleto's girlfriend.
She's kind, shy and way too sensitive.
She always tries to look on the bright side of every situation and every person (or hamster).

Ofelia is a female long haired syrian hamster.
Polonio (Polonius) has got no owner.
He's got a determined and rebellious character and can't stay still for a moment.
He wants to live big adventures and explore far away lands. He travels underground by digging tunnels.

Polonio is a roborovski hamster.

Alice is Hamleto and Laerte's owner.
She loves watching cartoons on TV and she allows herself to be involved in any new idea with enthusiasm.
She hates school and studying. She spends most of her time playing with her hamsters and her best friend Elisa.

Alice is a young female human.
Elisa is Orazio's owner and Alice's best friend.
She's diligent and studious. Despite her young age, she tries to behave like a mature person.
She loves spending her free time reading, taking care of Orazio and playing with her friend Alice.

Elisa is a young female human.

The author

Valentina "TYN" Sgaggero is born in Vicenza (Italy) on January 16, 1978.

Since she was a child she had shown a great interest for computer programming (especially videogames), drawing and comedy.

She learned to draw and love comic books thanks to her older brothers Alberto and Annamaria, both gifted artists rich with imagination.

She had the chance to read a lot about everything (often at somebody else's expense), from Dylan Dog to Marvel superheroes.
But her attention has been drawn especially by humorous comics like Peanuts and Lupo Alberto.

Using a rough drawing style, she filled notebooks and diaries with humoristic comics. She began with parodies of cartoons, movies, videogames and other comics. She soon ended up creating her own characters and settings.

Still a teenager, she received her first golden hamster (which she called "Teodoro Pelodoro").
That experience will lay the foundation of Hamleto The Hamster.

In September, 21 2002 she married Daniele Barbiero, a very talented artist who taught her to appreciate quality, good writing and encouraged her to share her "works" with the public.

In July 2007 she published her first comic strip on-line.