Friday, July 8, 2011

See ya!

Ok, guys, this is it.

As I said before, from now on I'm not going to update regularly Hamleto anymore.

However, I may post some strips now and then, so keep an eye on Hamleto's feed if you want to know if there's something new.

You can also take a look to my Twitter account or my Facebook page. If I make anything Hamleto-related, I'll let you know there :-)

And now, for some thanks.

I sincerely thank all the people who followed Hamleto this far, who supported me, who let me know they appreciated my work and encouraged me to keep going. There's not much I can do but say a very big 'Thanks!' to all of you.

And for all the people who are sorry about this, I say don't be sad.
Hamleto, Orazio, Laerte, Ofelia and Polonio will surely come back someday :-)

See ya!